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To promote the safety of the OHCC Community by helping you enhance your knowledge, skill, and ability to prepare for and respond to local incidents and natural disasters that may adversely affect our standard of living and our lives.


YOUR SUPPORT is critical to making OHCC a safer and better place to live.  Together, all OHCC will benefit when YOU join SERT!  Please become an integral part of SERT’s cohesive OHCC Community preparedness effort.


Neighbor-Helping-Neighbor (NHN)

OHCC SERT is a service club, and we can also be social. We are forward thinking and enthusiastic.

The NHN Committee is a grassroots movement. SERT members volunteer to become Safety Coordinators to engage with their neighbors on their streets. They serve as SERT Ambassadors and, as such, their main goal is to help their neighbors gain knowledge and be prepared in the event of an adverse incident or natural disaster and to survive!


NHN Safety Coordinators are mindful of the needs of their neighbors and aware of beneficial resources that may be useful and helpful to them.


Interested in becoming a Safety Coordinator? Contact SERT at


Emergency Response Team (ERT)

After a major natural disaster, like an earthquake, you may be on your own for up to 72-hours (3-days) before professional help arrives.  SERT has an Emergency Response Team of OHCC residents who are trained to respond in the case of adverse occurrences.  SERT will provide you with training which includes advanced first-aid, light search & rescue, damage assessment, and much more.

To find out about becoming a member of the ERT, contact SERT at

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